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fun fact: the word "slave" comes from Slavs - in middle ages during wars many Slavs were enslaved - (Slavs are currently: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, Serbia, etc. - many groups, more numerous than Slavic countries, bigger group in europe than germanic and romanic people).

in Slavic languages "Slav" comes from the word "word".

So the word slave comes from:

a) enslaving white people

b) relates to word "word" indirectly

c) is not old, less than 2000 years old

Magyarországon a bátraké a szerencse, aki NER, az nyer!

Egy barátomat rávettem, hogy a magyar zenei kultúra rejtve maradt népies vonalában tett kirándulásait kezdje el megörökíteni: Így gondolkodnak, zenélnek, élnek, éreznek a harcos nacionalista vonal árnyékában élő hívők, természet- és hagyományörzők.: szarvascsapas.wordpress.com/20

Nononono that must have been a misunderstanding... Yes, criminals get locked up but traitors get shot.

In order to let Ophelia send the post which - as it turned out - is her responsibility. But that is not all, i have opened the main doors and visit the outside as well. Weird how there is a couple of dreams which keep visiting me. I am fairly sure that the Tower is at least a decade old... Do you guys have recurring dreams about fantastic places too?

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It was the steam punky version of the Redoran HQ from Morrowind. A giant hall where homes begun to grow out of existing cavities with walls made of junk. This was the point where it turned into a videogame. After knockibg on a door labelled 'nest' a giant vine-dragon called Ophelia emerged who rewarded me with a quest and chance of romance for switching to mr giant robot. In order to prove ourselves Robot has to go to the top, climb outside and swith on/ fix the transmitter ....

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I had a dream of The Tower again. Same tight staircase, same assortment of metropolitan inhabitants with That giant circular penthouse on top. The style of these hadnt changed a bit, eastern european suffocatingly tight, uniform spaces for the ordinary variously destitude with bauhaus 'splendor' for the Crow. But this time i has descended to the bottom and what i have seen has left me puzzled figuring out what is all of this is resembling to. But i 've got it

Letienne megtolta

Commutes are free for employers. If those 2 hours lost on the road would be paid, remote work would have been the standard since the 90's.

Sudo zypper install tesseract .... Installation complete but python keeps complaining. Check the repo... The ocr is called python3-tesseract. What i have installed is a shitty gamedemo called tesseract. Well played SUSE. Well played.

I detest the content warning on mastodon posts. It's never porn and when it is, it is gay cartoon animals. And when it is gay cartoon animals, it is never Bugs Bunny.

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Yesterday, I came across two white egrets hunting for fish in the Kamogawa, near the Gion bridge. The one with the yellow beak is a Eastern Great Egret, the other a Little Egret. Because of last weeks typhoon, the river was quite wild. (2Ge)

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Letienne megtolta

holnap a 444-en lesz egy átlátszó cikk, amit ha alaposan elolvasol akkor a hazaárulás igazi értelmezése jut eszedbe.

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One of my main bugbears on @gnome at the moment:

The first screenshot is the Save Dialogue. The name of the file to be saved is selected/highlighted. That tells me that if I start typing, I should overwrite the name of the file.

What actually happens when I start to type is shown in the second screenshot: I start a search.

WTF? :surprised:

#gnome #popos #design

Letienne megtolta
Letienne megtolta

Even if you're not allowed to code, you can still write in machine language.

Freedom of Assembly is a human right.

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